J A S O N   S C O T T   T H O R P E

As much a self-taught artist as one can be, Jason Thorpe has learned, since he began painting in 2006,
 to trust in his style and his techniques.  Coming from a childhood that included many drawings,
 he has taken that same youthful passion and turned it into a career he not only loves, but has
 found success in.  His night-life and music scenes speak to the heart of not only his but
 any generation, appealing to mass audiences and evoking a playful emotion from all viewers.

Jason was born in Heerlen, Holland on January 15, 1983 to Victor and Kathi Thorpe.  From
 there they moved to  Sacramento, California where his father was stationed at Mather Air
 Force Base.  Jason has lived the vast majority of his life in the Sacramento area. 

The path that led him to painting began as he stared, mezmerized at a picture of
Michelangelo's famous fresco, "Creation of Adam". Something in that famous image ignited a
 passion to create within him. He was moved to recreate Michelangelo's most famous work, a
 task that would eventually take him over a month and nearly 70 hours to complete!  After
 being laid-off from his full-time job shortly after, he was determined to learn what it took to
 become a successful artist. With little painting experience and even less direction, he
 began brainstorming and sketching, EVERYTHING!

He humbly began his journey with a donated box of paints and brushes, three canvas boards,
 and no easel. Along with some much needed help and encouragement from fellow
 Sacramento artist, David Garibaldi.  
His first paintings were to say the least, rough, but every
 one a stepping stone to the next, better painting.  After 2 years of dabbling in every style
 you can imagine, it was the figurative works of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and others that
really grabbed his attention and focus.  He began to see the activities of the world around him
 as cropped pictures just waiting to be painted.  Any scene, any scenario becoming his inspiration.
  That is what you will find in his work; a moment taken from our world, cropped and carefully
 applied to canvas with acrylic paint.

And although he still considers most paintings to be experiments, he continues to grow in his
 processes, his technique, his style, and his love for art. And with a long career ahead of him,
 we're all in for a ride, so please continue to watch and support as he defines himself in this crazy
 world full of artists.